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A black woman smiling at camera and below her a course description that reads "Exploring your sexuality"

Feel more affirmed in your gender and sexuality

Access on-demand LGBTQIA+ courses and mindfulness sessions addressing some of the stressors that come with being LGBTQIA+

A woman smiling at camera and below her a course description that reads "Managing gender dysphoria"

Feel more connected

Whatever you're going through, our community has been there. With our programs and weekly live group sessions, 87% of our members report a significant increase in wellbeing after a single session

A person smiling at camera and below them a course description that reads "Exploring gender identity"

Digital therapy in your pocket

We've combined leading evidence based therapies, such as CBT and mindfulness to create our own and unique sexuality and gender affirming courses that speak to the realities and identities of our community

Developed by LGBTQIA+ therapists

Kalda is developed for and by the LGBTQIA+ community. We work in close collaboration with LGBTQIA+ therapists with a range of diverse backgrounds.

What our users have been saying

"I like how open and validating this session was. I learned a lot from being grateful and how present it made me feel. I am truly grateful for finding out about Kalda, it is a big help and a great support system to have."


Kalda User

"It was great to share with others my situation and it is nice to have something to look forward to."


Kalda User

"I loved attending the group guided meditation session and feel incredible! I didn't realise how much tension I was holding on to and how badly it was affecting my life!"


Kalda User

“I enjoyed the sharing and the warmth shown by everyone when listening to each other"


Kalda User

"I really liked the sharing time and felt less anxious than the last time [...] it was nice to see people join in when others had their turn and feel less self conscious. Thanks again to all you lovely people who are working to make this a real platform that we can all benefit from. Much love."


Kalda User

"I found it very moving, I feel as though I have been reflecting more all week and coming to new insights every day."


Kalda User

“The best bit for me has been seeing other people's responses, I benefit a lot from feeling close/intimate w the people in my life and their problem and perspectives.”


Kalda User

"I liked how safe the session was. It was a safe space to share thoughts and experiences and be validated for them."


Kalda User

"I really like tuning in as a group, and sharing the experience, it's really encouraging hearing from others and learning from their experiences."Our entire team is now on the same page and moves faster."


Kalda User

“In the past I've paid for private therapists with a specialism in sexuality and gender so i dont have to explain everything and waste loads of emotional energy explaining gay 101 to them - and this is why this group is amazing. The benefits of regularly checking in about your mental health and wellbeing make a huge difference, and I love how it feels safer (because it IS safer) to do it with a group of folk from your own community.”


Kalda User

"Giving me a chance to be listened to, calming me down."


Kalda User

Our mission

We're building a future where we say to everyone, you are not alone. So we're creating mental health support that speaks to the realities and identities of the LGBTQIA+ community.

We exist to provide stigma-free and relevant mental health support to empower the LGBTQIA+ community to lead happier, healthier lives.

Kalda has been developed for and by the LGBTQIA+ community. We work in close collaboration with LGBTQIA+ therapists to bring you tailored mental health support.

Kalda. We're with you.