Meet the team behind Kalda

We are a mixture of clinicians, designers, technologists from the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond.

The Kalda team in their office. On the left is Charlotte, who is white with long brown hair. Dan stands in the middle smiling. He is tall with dark hair. Al on the right has peroxcide blonde hair, they are smiling.

Our product team

White woman with brown hair and a cheeky smile

Charlotte Fountaine


Charlotte developed Public Health England’s digital health evaluation service. She also developed services for Mind, the mental health charity and the NHS. In her spare time she is a crisis volunteer for Shout, providing support to people in mental health crisis.

Multi ethnic Indonesian and English man with dark hair and a grey t-shirt smiling

Daniel Botcherby


Daniel is Kalda’s Chief Executive Officer. Daniel was head of product at MyCognition, a cognitive medical device company, where he developed video games to measure, treat, and prevent mental health issues.

Uz is an asian woman with long dark hair smiling at camera

Uz Afzal


Uz is a highly dedicated mindfulness practitioner and teacher experienced in introducing mindfulness to a wide range of audiences including: schools, workplaces, charities, government, arts organisations. She is a published author on the subject of mindfulness with a book selling well in the UK, US and translated into several languages.

Our advisory team

Asian intersex man in a beautiful brown jacket with dark hair, red highlights, and sporting a nose ring. He has a wide joyful smile.

Anick Soni


Anick Soni is an intersex activist, creative consultant, presenter and researcher who focuses on the rights of children, human rights and mental health. He is a co-founding trustee of the charity iCONUK (Interconnected UK), which provides guidance and support for intersex people, those born with variations of sex characteristics/DSD and their loved ones.

A Cypriot man with flawlessly sharp facial hair wearing a dark blue baseball cap. He wears a dark blue hoodie with a collared pink shirt.

Christian Tooley


Christian is a queer entrepreneur, innovation & strategy consultant. His work founding i³ investing that helps LGBTQ+ founders and conscious investors connect. His work includes driving awareness for BAME and mental health communities, to support policy submissions on progressive LGBTQ+ legislation.

A white man with rectangular glasses over piercingly green eyes. He's wearing a red v-neck jumper and a collared shirt unbuttoned, whilst sporting a big smile.

Mathijs Lucassen


Mathijs is a senior lecturer at The Open University and an honorary academic in psychological medicine at the University of Auckland. His research includes work designed to enhance the wellbeing of LGBTQ+ young people, including the computerised CBT video game SPARX and the PRIDE Project.

A black woman against a yellow background. She's wearing an amazing black top and looking off camera.

Ora Rammala


Ora is a zealous advocate of anti racism and LGBTQIA+ rights, and works as a diversity and inclusion consultant. Ora’s work in the world of agency recruitment highlighted the need for the way industries include women of colour. Her work includes organising and hosting events to empower different WOC groups on how the industry can work for them.

Zaziah Wood


Zaziah Wood (she/her) is the counselling services manager at Metro Charity. Zaziah’s background is in person-centred counselling, her experience includes working with young people in educational settings, working in substance use and most recently supporting the mental health of young people and adults who identify as LGBTQ+ across London through offering short-term counselling and well-being interventions.