Meet the team behind Kalda

We are a mixture of clinicians, designers, technologists from the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond.

The Kalda team in their office. On the left is Charlotte, who is white with long brown hair. Dan stands in the middle smiling. He is tall with dark hair. Al on the right has peroxcide blonde hair, they are smiling.

Our therapist team

Gilead smiles at camera. He has dark hair and a grey beard. He has tanned skin.

Gilead Yeffett


Gilead is a couple and individual psychotherapist. His qualifications include a Bsc in psychology, MA in Gestalt psychology, Post Grad diploma in Gestalt psychotherapy, couple, psychosexual and trauma training.

Zrinka has long brown hair and is wearing a green top. Zrinka is a causasian woman.

Zrinka Ivkovic


Zrinka has worked for over 16 years, helping clients through challenges in their lives. Relationship difficulties, life transitions, existential questions, mood disorders and responses to traumatic events are just a few of the issues she’s helped people work through. Though trained psychodynamically, she also incorporates a mindfulness approach into much of the work she does.

Uz is an asian woman with long dark hair smiling at camera

Uz Afzal


Uz is a highly dedicated mindfulness practitioner and teacher experienced in introducing mindfulness to a wide range of audiences including: schools, workplaces, charities, government, arts organisations. She is a published author on the subject of mindfulness with a book selling well in the UK, US and translated into several languages.

Our product team

White woman with brown hair and a cheeky smile

Charlotte Fountaine


Charlotte developed Public Health England’s digital health evaluation service. She also developed services for Mind, the mental health charity and the NHS. In her spare time she is a crisis volunteer for Shout, providing support to people in mental health crisis.

Mixed race asian-white man with dark hair and a grey jumper smiling

Daniel Botcherby


Daniel is Kalda’s Chief Executive Officer. Daniel was head of product at MyCognition, where he developed video games to treat mental health issues. A total geek at heart, Daniel owns a comic book collection spanning 5 decades and a pair of rollerblades he can barely use.