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Non-binary instagram creators I'm addicted to RN

Get your daily dose of non binary joy on Instagram

Representation matters and we all want to see ourselves reflected back in the cultural content we consume. Whether their non binary status is something they deliberately focus on in their content, or whether it comes out (ha) more subtly in the messages they share, these are the 5 enby instagrammers I can’t get enough of in my scrolling sessions.

Jeffrey Marsh

Not going to lie, I often have a cry at Jeffrey’s account and it’s usually of joy. Daily doses of reassurance for the genderqueer dished up by a sparkle-eyed marvel of tolerance. Reminding enby youth that YES you should expect and demand respect, YES you can overcome an upbringing of intolerance, and YES, you can find love. Plus the most kindly worded come-backs to the haters in their comment section.


Hello My Name is Wednesday

Because sometimes (often) I want my mental health support delivered via wholesome cartoon content that reminds me to take self care breaks. Here’s a rainbow and a fluffy kitten. Drink water, take your meds. Thank you. Yes. Now I will.


Alok W Menon

For an account that’s both cerebral and visually stunning, it’s always Alok. Beauty with body hair, poetry even in their prose, history lessons on gender and imperialism and serving some serious LOOKS. Alok’s account is the best I’ve seen on de-gendering fashion.


Jamie Windust

Although Jamie is the author of ‘In Their Shoes’, a pro at painting on a Lennox-esque make up look and the perfect model for a ‘supply teacher meets Blaine from Glee’ aesthetic, I mainly spent lockdown following Jaimie for their soups. Who doesn’t love soup?


Devon Price

My main instacrush of the moment, Dr Price shares areas from their research as a professor of social psychology with the kind of intellectual heft that I find both reassuring and, well, hot. Covering ASD in depth, therapist red flags, gender dysphoria and with occasional singalong and video footage of their chinchilla, Dump Truck. Am in instalove.


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