Welcome to Kalda!

The very welcoming Kalda Blog post
Daniel Botcherby (he/him)
May 1, 2023

Welcome to Kalda, a community for LGBTQIA+ and sex positive humans looking for connection, support, therapy, meditation, and cephalopod related content. We are here to help you with your communication and connection woes in these covid times.

Kalda is a safe space and supportive environment for us to support each other on the road to mental health. For the community, by the community.

 This is your computer speaking. You have no idea what you’re doing, do you?  

   - Lockdown Laptops Everywhere

IMGO (In My Gay Opinion)

Communication is hard, and Covid has made it harder. Just don’t get us at team Kalda started on the tribulations of trying to whiteboard on video calls! However, we want to keep you updated on where we are at, (more details on blog HERE)

AND where you are at on our waiting list. Which leads me nicely into…

When can you join the community?

Now! If you want to. We have a really lovely community on our Facebook group, where we have occasional live, drop-in group therapy, daily reflections, group challenges and more! We would love to see you there.

Not into Facebook?

Ehhhh, us neither. BUT we have a browser app up and running, you can join that by giving us your email below. Trust us, early adopters will get huge discounts when it comes to the mobile app! But we are building the mobile app as fast as we can and you can get on the list to be notified as soon as it is ready. Yay! We are aiming for the end of May, but you need to be on the browser app or the waitlist!

Squid of the Week

We think it is pretty awesome to support creators from the community. Every week someone on the team sends out a newsletter featuring LGBTQIA+ creators we personally love. If you want us to check out your work (we don’t ask for freebies, we BUY baby!) get featured in our newsletter, or just hear about some other amazing LGBTQIA+ artists, creators and superstars, just sign up below!

Interested in mental health programs? Try Kalda.

The Kalda app has a growing library of courses to help support and address LGBTQIA+ mental health topics and more. Built by the community, we're using the leading evidence based science to improve your wellbeing with therapists across the LGBTQIA+ community.
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